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What is the Logo+philia Gala 2019?

The only Etymology and Vocabulary Festival in the World! The Logo+philia International Gala 2019 is an English Vocabulary Festival, wherein participants form school and colleges study and, eventually, compete together to find the Logophilia Vocabulary Champion of the year. Logophilia firmly asserts that the best students are those that have the tallest command on the vocabulary of their language. The Gala ambitions to answer the grand question of “Which country has the best students?”.

We know that you are super excited to be at the Gala19. Here’s all the information you need to get there!

Who Participates?

Both School & University students. Logophilia firmly believes that Etymology Education is a great equaliser. We have classroom evidence of middle- schoolers being just as good in vocabulary as university students. What makes the Gala extremely unique is that it brings School and University students on to the same platform.


★ 2 Days-full of Language Activities(including a 10-hour Vocabulary Workshop)
★ Lively, interactive, Vocabulary-based activities between the School and University students
★ the Grand Finale – the Logo+philia Gala On-stage Vocabulary Olympiad



This is the 6th edition of the Logo+philia Gala. The illustrious history of this mega-language festival has seen schools & colleges audaciously battle for vocabulary domination, on a level playing field.

Gala 2011 – 13 Schools & IIT Delhi – Schools Won
Gala 2013 – 09 Schools & IIT Delhi – Schools Won
Gala 2014 – 24 Schools & 9 Colleges – Colleges Won
Gala 2015 – 26 Schools & 15 Colleges – Colleges Won
Gala 2017 – 15 Schools & 10 Colleges – Colleges Won

Participating Teams – Gala19

The Gala is a congregation of the top Schools, Colleges, and Universities that Logophilia works within one calendar year.

The line-up this year includes:


The City Montessori Schools, Lucknow

GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai

Vidya Devi Jindal, Hissar

Welham Boys’, Dehradoon

Sunbeam Schools, Varanasi

Oakridge International School, Vizag

Jaipuria School, Lucknow

Army Public School, Allahabad

St. Mary’s Convent, Allahabad

Scindia School, Gwalior

The Mody School, Alwar

and, many more


IIT Delhi

Ashoka University, Delhi

MNNIT, Allahabad

NIT, Silchar

Delhi College of Arts & Commerce

National Law University, Bhopal

Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Ramjas College, Delhi University

St. Stephen’s College, Delhi

University of Allahabad

Hansraj College

and, many more

Venue & Hospitality Information

Venue: To Be Announced
Address: TBA
Organisers: Logophilia Education Pvt. Ltd.
Chief Logophile: Dhruv Raj Sharma

Gala Specifics & Important Notes

Dates: TBA
Your Expected Arrival: TBA
Your Expected Departure: TBA
Accompaniment: School Participants must be accompanied by a teacher/ guardian (no charge for accommodation; food tokens need to be purchased; workshop participation for teachers/guardians may come at a charge)
Pocket Money: Participants are advised to carry some pocket money with them
Smart Phone: It is mandatory for participants to have a smart phone on the campus at all times. There are activities that shall need these.

Need More Information?

Ask Logophilia for the Gala19 Hospitality Dossier after your registration is complete.

Gala19 Registration

1. Gala Registration Fee:  TBA
2. Course Material: 700.
3. Food Tokens: Available at the Gala registration desk
4. Last Date for Expressing Keenness: TBA
5. Last Date for Registration: TBA
6. Other Formalities: The following Documents must be sent in to Logophilia at participate@logophilia.in, with a copy to communications@logophilia.in at the soonest:
A. Letter of Intent to Participate
B. Gala Consent Form
C. Travel Tickets

Last Date for Registration:



1. On the spot registrations may not be a possibility as the Gala is a first- come-first-serve event.

2. Gala course material is available on the last day of the Gala Workshop, if you choose to buy it. We do not want you cramming. You won’t need it.

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